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    My Story & Thoughts Through Cancer

    The Diagnosis, Part Two

    “It’s Not Okay.”   When I did hear back about the results, they called me to come in on Friday to an office I’d never been to before. Alex and my mom went with me. That day, all my delusions of “it’s probably nothing” were squashed. It was, as far as they knew at this point, Stage IIA breast cancer. The doctor was sympathetic and kind, while also straightforward and reassuring that this is very treatable. She would explain some things and then pause softly with, “Okay?”   I would reply, “Okay.”   Then she would say, “It’s not okay,” sympathetically echoing what we were all feeling inside, then she…

  • My Story & Thoughts Through Cancer

    The Diagnosis, Part One

    “It’s probably nothing.”   My favorite phrase when it comes to health concerns. I have never liked going to the doctor. Don’t take it the wrong way; I love and appreciate doctors, but I don’t like the going. My high school gym teacher had stressed to us that we should develop the habit of checking for cysts regularly while in the shower, so one day about ten years later, in December of 2016, I noticed one. I brought it up to my mom over the phone and we both concluded that, since several close family members of ours have frequently had benign cysts, that’s probably what it was. My mom…